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Homeschool Activities in Fort Smith, AR

Special homeschool art lessons offered here in Fort Smith, AR, drawing and painting classes. A true investment in your child's future. Art lessons for homeschool children develops both sides of the brain with problem solving and creativity.

Research shows that developing both sides of the brain in a child helps to create balance in their life. So what better way to train the right side of your child's brain by enrolling them in a homeschool art activity.

Your child can be part of a unique homeschool art program that teaches art, a skill your child will keep for a life time. This homeschool program develops artistic and social skills, promotes self-esteem and encourage self-expression. Children enjoy this special opportunity to be creative using bright colorful paints and other art media. Taught by a professional artist. Art activities for homeschool children.

Accepting children 8 years and up. For children and teens.

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Art Classes by Constance
Studio Location: 2612 South "O" St. Suite B ( Near Christ the King School, on the same block as Ballman School, behind the Yellow Umbrella)


Homeschool art activities in Fort Smith, AR

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